Monday, August 22, 2011

Hotness of The Week-

-Where we tell you about some new releases, sweet deals, and whatever else is dominating our screens this week.

 Week ending August 27.

             First up are the new releases this week:
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming out Tuesday, and I'll be posting my hands on first impressions on Wednesday. Just to get you excited, here's some of their supreme promotional material.


       Next up is Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition for download on Xbox360 and PS3
       And Finally, New COD: Black Ops DLC Rezurrection is out.
       Oh yes, one more thing. If you've been holding out on picking up a PS3, this may catch your eye:
 Sony has announced price drops across the board on all PS3 models. This means that the 160gb model will now be priced at $250, and there is a new bundle that include Infamous 2 and the 320gb model for $300.

      For editorial news, Zack is currently wrapping up his playthrough with Bastion, while Chris puts the finishing touches on his next "OH GOD WHY?!" feature. I'll be playing Deus Ex: HR for the next week or so, my review should be posting shortly after that.

      We've got tons more content in the planning stages, so keep checking back with us regularly to make sure you don't miss anything.!

      Rock can't wait to get some robot arms and mess some fools up

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