Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Battlefield 3 Video and Pre-Order Info

So, given that Battlefield 3 is just a couple months away,
EA is definitely cranking up the hype train. Check out the video below ( originally posted by Pat) for some incredible-looking multi player action.

So what did we have there? Running and gunning in the jungle? Check. Tearing through the countryside in a hummer? Bingo. A funny little....robot....thingy. Oh, and MOTHER EFFING JETS!!!! My heart just about stopped. Man those things look fast! Also, I know it's been mentioned elsewhere, but it bears repeating here- 64 person multi player is only available on the PC. Awwww Yeahh!

In other news, in order to try and sweeten the Origin pot even further, EA is offering a new pre-order bonus: If you pre-order Battlefield through Origin before the end of August, you'll be given one of the following games for free: Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, or Medal of Honor. They're certainly trying hard to entice people to Origin, aren't they?

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