Monday, August 15, 2011

New Blog!!!

Hey everybody! The new KG blog is up, and I'm super excited! As the next few weeks roll on, I'll be experimenting with all sorts of new stuff, including page layouts (thanks John!), content, video capture/hosting, podcasting, and more! If everything goes according to plan, this has potential to be pretty awesome! If anybody's interested in contributing content, let me know. My main aim here as far as content goes is editorial and commentary, with relevant news as well. Fitting with KG standards, the overall focus will be on video games, but if anybody sees a bit of news or wants to write an article, I'm fine as long as it can be related to games or tech. Of course, everyone in KG has a hilarious sense of humor, and that's what I'd really like to shine through.  So that's it, if anybody has any constructive criticisms or ideas for content, let me know in the comments, or just email me.  SHARE MY EXCITEMENT!!!! 

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