Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Snap! Razer Releases the Gaming Laptop Jesus Would Use

        Razer must be feeling pretty damn full of themselves right now. They've just released a tremendously powerful gaming laptop, with an interesting twist, that puts most desktops to shame! Read on, and then cryerbate in shame.
I know I did.....

       As reported by Ars Technica here, gaming peripheral maker Razer has released this absolutely insane lappy lap. Check out those specs! It's like some smart, sophisticated super sports car, but if it was a laptop. It's crazy powerful, super thin, and oh yeah, it has a FUCKING TOUCHSCREEN built alongside the keyboard! The article goes on to say that the move basically defies all marketing wisdom and focus groups, since the beast rings in at a cool $2,800. Razer responds that they've never really cared much for those sorts of things. Gotta give them credit for having some pretty serious balls.

  Rock now feels like the guy in a souped up Mustang who just got smoked by a Civic.......

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  1. Crazy price for a laptop. But, at least the keyboard will be available in one form or another with this:

  2. damn that's nice! don't really like the SW branding, but that touch screen is awesome!

  3. Nintendo DS emulation at its best with a touchscreen built into your laptop!