Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Failure to Launch: Dead Island on Steam Has a Rough First Day

Inside the Deep Silver offices.
Somehow, the wrong version of Dead Island got pushed to Steam. People started noticing weird issues and glitches in the game, and some horrendous clipping problems.  It was revealed later by Rock, Paper, Shotgun that what ended up on Steam was, in fact, a dev build of the game.  The game has since been patched to what publisher Deep Silver is calling the "full version" of the game.  I started my playthrough this morning, but didn't really notice any issues in my 24 minutes of play.  Later, after I got home from work, I downloaded the patch, and things seem to be going smoothly.  I'll be posting my first impressions tomorrow.  Seriously though, herp fucking derp, how does this happen?  It's not the first time, and one would think that Steam would have a system in place to verify that what they're getting is the release version.  Oh well.


  1. Yeah you said it! Glad we have such an enthusiastic commenter.