Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hotness of The Week: Extra Hot Edition!

It's been a super big week for us here at KGB! Tons of goodness to follow, so read on for your weekly dose of Hotness!

Well it hasn't really been a huge week for new releases, but fret not, as there's a virtual avalanche of games on the way! Here's what's out this week:

New Releases

Driver: San Fransisco is out for the PC, and by all accounts, it's not as terrible as the last couple Driver games have been!

X-Men: Destiny also came out. This one is developed by Silicon Knights, the same people behind critically acclaimed Too Human...oh wait...

Resident Evil: Code Veronica-X HD is out. Nothing further.

And the biggest (to me) release of the week is the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection. Hot damn, I wish I had a PS3!!!


In editorial Hotness, our buddy Humor Tumor is working on a review of Resident Evil 4 HD, and it's looking pretty great!

Also, since the Battlefield 3 beta has started early access today, if things go as planned, Pat Ronk and I should be bringing you some sweet co-op game footage! Stay tuned!

Does it seem like we're always working on some new super-secret something?  Well we are! Trust me, the secrecy is well worth it!

We've recorded our first podcast, KGB Radio!  Early feedback has been pretty positive so far, so check it out here, and feel free to leave some comments on the page!

That's it for the Hotness, keep checking back for more excellence!

   Rock doesn't really hate orphans. But damn does he hate Nintendo!

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  1. Ssssss, ooh, so hot!

    While Too Human was a bomb, Silicon Knights deserve credit for creating the Legacy of Kain franchise as well as for producing Eternal Darkness(which was an amazing early Gamecube game).

    I can't wait to pick up the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection today AND somehow fit in some Battlefield 3!

  2. excellent point, Pat. I find it interesting that when a developer works on their "passion project" it seems to end up not being that great. Too human is an example, Borderlands is another. Interesting.......

  3. It really is a shame what happened with Too Human. They had an interesting futuristic Norse story and the mechanics of the game were pretty cool. It was another Diablo-like game. It's been so long since I played it that I don't remember much about it. I feel like it was a great starting point with potential. But it was only that... a couple of ideas stretched into a full-length game. Too bad we won't see a properly realized followup.

  4. Goddamn it, your twitter tag lines get me every time.

  5. oof! another swing and a miss from Silicon Knights

  6. oof indeed... god damn inconsistent canadians!

  7. I liked Too Human in it's early stages of developement. Where it looked a lot like Deus Ex, rather than a sci-fi Diablo rip off.

    But that's just me

  8. i remember seeing brief gameplay footage on G4 about a year before it came out, and it looked awesome