Monday, September 5, 2011

Hotness of The Week- Ending 9-10

Kind of a surprisingly full week for new releases, with some potentially awesome stuff coming out. Also, some sweet deals. EXPLOSION!!!!

First up for new releases is Dead Island, which I'll be reviewing for PC. As is becoming standard procedure, my first impressions will come on Wednesday, with the review posting (hopefully) not long after.

Next is Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. Chris played the demo and he says it's just the cat's pajamas.

Hey! Do you like Star Fox? How about the 3DS? Well you're in luck, because Star Fox 64 3D is coming out and we'll have a review by our newest contributor, Humor Tumor.

Some other stuff that's coming out that we don't really have the people or time to cover: Driver: San Fransisco, Resistance 3, Bloodrayne: Betrayal,  and Rock of Ages.

For editorial news, Chris is getting ready to share his agony with another OH GOD WHY?!

My Deus Ex: Human Revolution review is up, as well as Humor Tumor's Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: Online Edition review. Check those out here and here, they're pretty excellent.

And now, my second-favorite section of the Hotness, Sweet Deals!!!!  Sadly, there aren't really a lot of notable sales this week, unless you really want the Ghostbusters game for $10. That's actually a pretty nice deal. Oh wait, it's on Wii. Nevermind, move along......

We're working on some other feature stuff, and as always, we're tweaking the page to inject more awesome, so stay tuned!

Rock has a zombie survival plan, do you?

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  1. Rock of Ages is great and well worth everyones time. Try the demo, at least.

  2. I forgot Bloodrayne is this month!! The rest of this year is an assault of games.