Sunday, September 25, 2011

Podcast GO!: KGB Radio Episode 1

It lives! After weeks of planning, our first podcast is finally recorded, edited, and in the can!

Well it took some doing, but after a lot of stress, a few drinks, and quite a bit of editing, the first episode of our podcast, KGB Radio is finally finished! The cast features Chris Linendoll, Pat Ronk, Humor Tumor, Zack Keyes, and myself on hosting duties. We're still working out a few kinks with our system, so any feedback is much appreciated! We hope you enjoy the show!

This week, we talk about Resident Evil, the 3DS, pain in the ass PC games, and Razor Ramon. Oh, and orphans!

They're like little demons!

Download the show here!

*Editor's note- Many jokes are made strictly for humor, so don't get all butthurt.


            Rock thinks the show is best enjoyed after a few drinks
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  1. haha rocks story around an hour in is pretty awesome

  2. that photo and caption is so much win