Thursday, September 1, 2011

RockMoTron: The Return! Also- Hotness of The Week

Yes, boys and girls (we have a couple...), after days that felt like ages, my power has finally come back on! No more cowering in the dark, using a bathroom that smells like a port-o-potty for this man! I've been dying to get back to work on this here blog-site, so read on to see all the hotness we've got planned!

New Releases:
Quite a few this week, so I'll just gloss over the interesting ones.

Jumpgate: Evolution.

XBOX 360/ PS3
Bodycount is out, and by all indications, it's awful. 

Rock of Ages
The Baconing
Mortal Kombat  Arcade Kollection

Oh and some "Madden" thing came out.....

As for site content, I've got a couple new features planned, Chris is doing his usual drivel, and Zack is working on a super-secret project!  Also, because of the storm, I haven't been able to make any headway on Deus Ex, so my review is going to be a bit late....sorry!

In a bit of bonus news, we've recently retained to talent of a new writer, who will be revealed later. Trust me, this one has us really excited!

I guess that about does it here, but keep checking back, as we've got tons of new stuff planned! Fuck you Irene!

    Rock is starting to wonder if he should move out of the woods....


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