Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SURPRISE LOVE from Surpriselove

Man, there's truly some weird people on these here Internets.


When you start a site on the World Wide Internet, especially one dedicated to something like video games, there's an inherent chance you're going to attract a weirdo or two.  Adding a way to allow them to contact you by email, though, is like hosting a hobo sleepover in the candy factory. Or something. I imagine that'd be weird.

So I guess it's little surprise that we've started getting some rather, amusing messages from a man who calls himself "Surpriselove."  I have no idea what these messages are, what purpose they serve, or if Surpriselove even knows what this site is about.  But we've decided to share them, one a week, with all of you.  For your viewing pleasure. I guess.

Naturally, North Korea is the country we pay the least amount of attention to, despite the fact that they are constantly making the news on a daily basis by calling us mean names and claiming to nuke the entire planet unless we hand over Captain Planet and his inept squad of Planeteers.

Surpriselove is an enigma. Possibly from the future.


  1. Who is this mystery man? I happen to be a robot from the future...well, A future, and he's not from there.

  2. Oh, people like this make me giggle. It's like my friends ex-girlfriend, who was convince in 2012 aliens would come and force us to evolve into energy beings.

  3. omg dude totally love this sitee!!!!!!

  4. These are fan-freaking-tastic! keep 'em comin!