Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SURPRISE LOVE from Surpriselove

We've started getting some rather amusing messages from a man who calls himself "Surpriselove."  We have no idea what these messages are, what purpose they serve, or if Surpriselove even knows what this site is about.  But we've decided to share them, one a week, with all of you.  For your viewing pleasure. I guess.

I have recently been having some compatibility issues with older games. Now maybe I deserve some of this. I've been too lazy to upgrade from Windows Vista, known worldwide as Windows XP's retarded cousin. But my Windows 7-using friends have had all of the same problems, so 7 can't be all that hot. Maybe I should install Linux instead, as that would make me inherently superior to all other life forms and make my cock grow to the size of a small fire truck.

Surpriselove is an enigma. Possibly from the future.


  1. Is SurpriseLove single? His brain is twisted. And Sexy.

  2. hrm. i think that mr. love's marital status is a mystery, perhaps even to him....