Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SURPRISE LOVE from Surpriselove

We've started getting some rather amusing messages from a man who calls himself "Surpriselove."  We have no idea what these messages are, what purpose they serve, or if Surpriselove even knows what this site is about.  But we've decided to share them, one a week, with all of you.  For your viewing pleasure. I guess.


In Japan, bishoujo games (aka hentai games) are so popular, at least 50 new titles 
are released each month.

Final Thoughts: Japan, we need to talk. I know you've had years and years to think about dick-girl porn, rape, tentacles, and giant clitorises, I just don't think the conclusion you have reached about it all is the same as the conclusion I have reached. Your conclusion appears to be that these things are all wonderful, erotic, and acceptable forms of entertainment. My conclusion is that all artists responsible for these games, everyone who buys the games, and all the clueless fatheads who e-mail me asking for the games should be herded into Hiroshima. I wish I could reanimate the zombie corpse of Harry S. Truman through Voodoo magic, so that he can then re-drop the atomic bomb and turn all of you into shadows on concrete. If only the original atomic bombs had managed to hit only Hentai game designers and crazy perverts, instead of thousands of innocents.    

Surpriselove is an enigma. Possibly from the future.

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