Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SURPRISE LOVE from Surpriselove

We've started getting some rather amusing messages from a man who calls himself "Surpriselove."  We have no idea what these messages are, what purpose they serve, or if Surpriselove even knows what this site is about.  But we've decided to share them, one a week, with all of you.  For your viewing pleasure. I guess.


The only reason the furry movement has grown so big on the Internet is because nobody has invented an effective method to punch people in the throat online. "Shame" is no longer in our vocabulary, and this lack of embarrassment has led to the exponential growth of groups who would otherwise be too humiliated to speak of their zebra cock-loving fantasies in public. Thank you very much, Internet!

Surpriselove is an enigma. Possibly from the future.


  1. He brings up a valid point. But that's aside from the point.....what...the...hell