Saturday, October 1, 2011

KGB Radio Episode 2: Podcast, The Return!

After taking a week to absorb some feedback about KGB Radio Episode 1, we're back with a (hopefully) more refined show! Oh, and we brought a contest with us! Prep your ear holes, 'cause we're about to fill 'em!

Come along on a fantastic (and belch-free) adventure as Chris Linendoll, Zack Keyes, Pat Ronk, and Rock discuss all manner of gaming goodness!  This episode, we talk about MMOs, the Battlefield 3 beta, Star Wars games, and much more! Also, we started our first contest, wherein one lucky winner will get a copy of Battlefield 3 for the platform of their choosing!  Check below for the contest rules!


                                                 Download the show Here!

This could be yours, free!

Listen to the show to learn how to enter!  All submissions must be in by October 15th.  Winner will be contacted by KGB.

We'll miss him.

 Rock poured out a forty in honor of Humor Tumor.

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  1. RIP HumorTumor, hopefully you learned your lesson.

  2. The last Battlefield game I played was Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the Xbox360. It's been a very long time since I played it so I can't really remember that much about it.

    One of the few memories I do still have is sticking some C4 on an enemy chopper just as it is about to take off with his teammates and detonating it while the chopper is in midair. The helicopter then spun out of control and landed on top another player in a Humvee on the enemy team, killing all of them in the explosion.

  3. I want my free battlefield 3 copy now please.

  4. My Craziest Battlefield moment?

    Watching this video when I was like, 12 years old (2002 I think?)

    Even though I'm technically not playing, that is hands down my most memorable moment of any battlefield title.

  5. this was my first battlefield memory!

  6. 2, 2011 at 3:25 PM

    I never played much BF-I was never much of an FPS player-but whilst mucking around on BF:BC2 my first death was getting shot by a tank and my second falling from a building. Should have got the game, really.
    Battlefield 3 looks awesome. Really hope to get it.

  7. My best Battlefield Moment was actually a year long.

    A few months after launch, I finally picked up BF2. I had been a huge fan of 1942 and Vietnam, and I always admired the pilots in those games, but knew that wasn't the place for me. But when I stepped into Battlefield 2, it was like night and day. Where in Vietnam, Jet Fighter Pilots were impressive. In Battlefield 3, they were Kings. A good pilot was an asset, a great pilot was a man to fear.

    One night, I was playing late, and the server I was playing on had a Vent. I hopped on, and one of the server Ace's was on Vent to. We had a pretty lengthy discussion (that was admittedly a little gushy!), and he suggested I buy a stick and give it a shot.

    So, I went out and mowed lawns for weeks and bought a Logitech stick for 80 bucks, which was a pretty major investment for me at the time.

    I hope back on Vent awhile later, and talk to the Ace again, and update him on my stick status. He offers to train me. This is an incredible moment.

    For the next few months, I play late at night with AcE_H0tWiRe, and I learn to fly well. I never got as good as him, but ever since that time in my life, I have dedicated myself to being a Battlefield pilot.

    Sorry if that was too lengthy.

  8. Lot of good memories with Bad Company 2. The one that sticks out to me is when I was playing conquest, driving a humvee to an enemy point, got out and put a load of C4 on it, drove it the the point, got out and blew it up, killed all of them and took the point, haha. It's the crazy things you can do that makes Battlefield so great. Good luck everyone.

  9. Craziest moment was when I played Battlefield 1942 for 6 hours straight and got in my car to pick up my girlfriend from work. Every red light I though "shit, I can't stay here, someone will come up with a Bazooka and shot me in my ass." My brain was still in full Battlefield mode! :p

  10. ok. god dammit. I need a few of you to actually join the site, other wise, it is impossible for me to PM you. If I can't PM you, I can't tell you that you've won. We're still deciding on winners, so this is important. Having a blogger account isn't enough, because i still can't send you a message that way. We need to to join the site. please make it easy for us to give you a free game, and join the site.

  11. you have until 6pm eastern time tomorrow, otherwise, your entries won't be considered for the contest

  12. the contest is officially over! Listen to the podcast, posting tomorrow, to find out if you're the winner!

  13. Meep, Sorry, Rock. I didn't see anyway to register on the actual site. Thanks for the chance, anyway!

  14. We're doing another contest soon, for the OTHER big be sure to register and enter that one!

  15. Yes, apparently, the "Follow" widget doesn't always load. We found that refreshing the page usually helps. Stay tuned for the next contest!