Sunday, October 9, 2011

KGB Radio Episode 3: Battlefield Free

KGB Radio Episode 3 is here!  Strap in for what is sure to be a downright hoot and a half! Podcast, engage!

Tonight, join Chris Linendoll, Pat Ronk, Zack Keyes, your host, Rock, and special guest TJ Turner as we discuss Rage, Forza 4, Robin Williams, and delve deeper in Rock's psychopathic tendencies in games!  Also our contest is still going, so you still have time to share your Battlefield story for a chance to win a free copy of Battlefield 3!



Here's that awful Robin Williams commercial

Here are some links to the other things we discuss...

Dan Amrich Interview

Melee Combat Feature

  Rock really needs to stop sharing stories 
   of his exploits in video games...

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  1. Another solid episode.

    My thoughts on Rage: id Software has always made technically proficient games, but since a post Half-Life 1 FPS world where games try to have a narrative, id software is no longer the pioneer it once was.

    As a child I was raised on id FPSes. I played Wolfenstein 3D when I was 2. Doom when I was 3. Doom 2 when I was 4. Also Quake when I was 6. I learned how to navigate through DOS to play Doom since Windows 95 wasn't out yet.

    For games selling 5 million first month over the pass 3 years:

    COD MW2
    COD Black Ops
    GTA IV
    Halo Reach
    New Super Mario Bros Wii

    If there is a game that will get 5 million first month, it will be MW3 first 24 hours. Which per capita of sales, Call of Duty is actually the most popular in the UK believe it or not. "Chart Track" The equivalent of NPD Funworld to the US

    Black Ops in the UK sold 2 million first week compared to 5.5 million first week in the US. The UK is 1/5 the population of the United States. It's the equivalent of Black Ops selling 10 million first week in the United States.

    Black Ops had 20-25% gain opening week sales gain over MW2 and MW3 looks to have the same gain over Black Ops.

    Outside of MW3, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim are looking to be the next 2 largest launches this Holiday season.

    Also for retailers the last 10 weeks of the year make up 40% of total software sales. For the strength of so many anticipated games this holiday season it could be more.

  2. I'm actually kind of amazed at the statistic about COD being more popular per capita in the UK. I'd imagine that both MW3 and BF3 will reach 5 million by years end. Any idea what Gears 3 numbers are like? I imagine that's doing well, especially for an exclusive.

  3. wow! thanks for all the info TURbo! those top 5 sales title are pretty much what i expected. @Chris- i don't have the time to check into it now, but i imagine that Gears does it best numbers in America

  4. Gears 3 so far has the highest first week sales launch so far this year. 3 million in 5 days. 2.1 million in the US and the rest overseas. The Gears 3 launch is the 6th biggest week launch for the 360 Only these games had larger first week launches

    I guess a Videogame where you play as SAS spec ops made all the UK people go ape shit. While it is not like a Starcraft South Korea per capita rate, (4.5 million copies to 48 million citizens (9.23% attachment rate) the attachment rate is still amazing.

    1.COD BO
    2.COD MW2
    3. Halo Reach
    4. Halo 3
    5. GTA IV

    MW3 will easily surpass Gears 1 sales on 360. MW3 will easily sell over 10 million units in the US for the last 6 weeks of 2011.

    For the rest of the Holiday season (multiplatforms) I'm ranking in sales

    1 MW3
    2 BF3
    3 Skyrim
    4 Assassins Creed Revelations
    5 Batman Arkham City

    Battlefield will probably be 3rd for debut console launch on 360 and 2nd for PS3. in North America.

  5. I've played 68 hours of Just Cause 2 and have all the achievements. I have 80% of the game complete and only 100% 200+ of the 368 locations.
    Gameplay wise, and setting location wise is one of the finest sandbox games I have ever played. If it wasn't for the grapple hook, that game would have scored no better than Just Cause 1.

    Fast transportation provided by the grappling hook made it so much easier to traverse the steep mountains and cliffs. Also the fact you could bail out of your helicopter and grapple hook back in it was also awesome.

    I had so much fun getting in an attack helicopter, flying at low altitude, and then unloading bullets and rockets at a military base.

  6. I agree about Just Cause 2! such a fantastic game! Also, thanks for the feedback on the show, much appreciated!

  7. What is the email or do I just send you messages on facebook on what questions you can answer on the show?

  8. anything show or site related can go to

  9. Yeah, I think that having an email section of the podcast would be amazing. That might be the one thing we are missing. Otherwise, the chemistry so far has been great!

  10. agreed, Pat! that would definitely be awesome!

  11. I liked the part in Just Cause 2 where I downloaded the demo and hated it.