Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Real Known Griefer: Killer Karrit Interviewed

Given that our site is called "Known Griefers", I thought it appropriate that we interview someone who's griefing exploits have been viewed by people the world over.  Sporting almost 19,000 followers of his YouTube channel, Killer Karrit has been generating the lulz for quite a while now.  Sit back and enjoy Rock's friendly chat with one of the world's true Known Griefers.

Hey Karrit! Thanks a ton for agreeing to talk to us!

Q:Tell us a little about yourself. You mention in your videos that you're from Scotland, is there anything else that you'd care to share? Approximate age, profession, education, etc. I understand if that's a bit of a touchy subject, given the nature of your notoriety. 

I'm 16 (17 in November) and I'm in my last year at high school, I plan to go to college when I'm done with that

Q: How did you decide that you wanted to start griefing? Can you narrow it down to a single moment, when something just clicked in your head that griefing would be fun (and funny)? 

  I did griefing in early 2010 with MarshyD13, but the videos were pretty bad because it was just marshy shouting at people, so I deleted the videos. I made a couple of videos after that of me trapping people and making them sing, and I did a silent teamkilling video. I deleted the videos because they dragged on and weren't that great. Then in December I started watching GeneralMinus and I found it hilarious so I decided to buy myself a capture card, then start. I got a lot of views in the first day, I then sent the video to GeneralMinus and he enjoyed it, we then boxed eachother and built a friendship.

Q: In which game did you first start griefing? How long after you started griefing did you decide to record and post your griefing sessions online? What fueled that decision? 

I started griefing in Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 in late 2008 (The first day I got XBox LIVE, I played Hardcore Search and was teamkilling, my friend who was a higher rank took me into the games). I actually made a teamkilling video in January of 2009 but I deleted it because it was like 10 minutes and I literally uploaded the raw footage. In the early stages (early 2010) I use to annoy people for my own enjoyment, I then met MarshyD13 and he, but again, the videos were bad so I deleted them. Then after watching a good hour or 2 of GeneralMinus' videos, I ordered myself an EzCap DC60+ (I previously had it, but it broke) then I started. The first game I went into while recording was the video "Angry Scotsmen", but I decided to upload "Biggest Fan" first because it was funnier in my opinion.

Q: How much planning goes into the hilariously infuriating things you say to your team mates (politely asking them to unplug their mics, insulting their regional heritage, etc)? Is there much planning involved, or is it more organic? 

If I join a game and people are speaking, I usually tell them to unplug/mute their mics, or I say something to get a rise out of them. I usually just improvise, mostly I stay quiet up until I teamkill them, then when they start talking to me, I start to talk back. They mostly dig themselves their own grave (Stop Swearing Please 1 & 2 are good examples). To directly answer: No, there isn't a lot of planning involved, because everyone is different.

Q: Can you share a story where your griefing has backfired on you? 

Yes, I was griefing on Halo 3 once, a guy was rank 49 in Team Doubles, I lost the game for us on purpose, so he host booted me.

Q: You routinely receive threats of physical violence in your videos, have you ever worried that someone would make good on their threats? 

No, I always laugh at threats because they're not going to do anything to me.

Q: Have you ever been griefed the way you grief others? If so, what's your reaction?

No, but I have had people attempting to do it, but I usually just say stuff like "Stop copying GeneralMinus" to wind them up. I've actually had a guy who was trying to grief me go into rage mode because I said "Stop copying Kevin", as he was following me and shooting, and trying to trap me (in Core).

Q: All of your videos are in either Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops, do you grief in any other games? Which ones? 

I used to do a lot of griefing (for personal enjoyment) on Halo 3, I would've recorded it, but Halo's game volume is too loud. I use to make a series on it called "Gullible Halo Kids" in which my friend (WhiteScopes) and I would trick squeakers into thinking we could get them recon, so we made them shout things such as "I'm gay" at walls in Halo, it was funny, but we deleted the videos because it was a little harsh.

Q: Is their a specific reason why you chose the Call of Duty series?

I mainly grief on COD because there are more people who get angry on it.

Q: Are there any games that you play in which you don't grief others? Which ones?

Battlefield Bad Company 2, and occasionally Black Ops and MW2 (I often play them for fun, while annoying people). And much more which I can't name off the top of my head.

Q: Are you planning on picking up MW3? If so, do you plan on griefing there too? 

Yes, I've preordered the hardened edition. And yes, hopefully the teamkilling system wont be like the one in black ops (Getting kicked from the game after 3 team kills).

Thanks a lot for talking with us!  Good luck out there!

Thanks for interviewing me :)

Here is a little taste of what you'll find over at Karrit's YouTube channel. 



   Rock sometimes wishes he had a copy of COD, 
   solely for the purpose of griefing

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