Monday, October 3, 2011

SURPRISE LOVE from Surpriselove

We've started getting some rather amusing messages from a man who calls himself "Surpriselove."  We have no idea what these messages are, what purpose they serve, or if Surpriselove even knows what this site is about.  But we've decided to share them, one a week, with all of you.  For your viewing pleasure. I guess.


We are no longer a social people in the conventional sense. Back in the 1800s people used to sit around and talk for hours. You can try that if you're really desperate, but honestly after TV, the Internet, and you're not going to find a whole lot worth talking about with the dullards around you.

On that note, I shall do a special next week which should give you something to kick off a conversation with at the coffee machine at work; I shall be reviewing some hentai games for your entertainment. I do this because the world needs to know where to find quality animated demon porn and no one else on this site will admittedly play through and judge such titles. Brace yourself for the wonders of the Far East including but not limited to tentacle rape, underage girls, and enough pixelated genitalia to make you wonder if that Japanese have genitalia at all.

On a side note for those who copy and pasted into their search bars, you're fucking sick. But, I'll take what I can get for an audience. See you next week. 

Surpriselove is an enigma. Possibly from the future.

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