Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GTA V Debut Trailer

This afternoon, Rockstar Games ground the Internet to a halt. The debut trailer for GTA V released, and you can watch it here! For free!

The Rockstar official page can be found here:


  1. This looks pretty damn great! If they can manage a better story with a more likable protagonist than Niko, I might even consider picking it up!

  2. Mount Chiliad, owning a dog, humanized homeless people.

    Can't wait to explore the massive world of GTA V.

  3. I hope it's actually set in San Andreas, and not just Los Santos. Seeing Mt. Chiliad points to maybe, but...

    I need more than just urban environments.

  4. If it is LA and greater LA area that would be awesome. While people say how large was GTA San Andreas, it was only 13.9 sq. miles / 44 sq. kilometers, Just Cause 2 was a meganormous 400 sq miles.

    GTA IV was a step back from San Andreas in size, 6 square miles instead of 13.9. However if greater Los Santos areas is a very detailed 30-50 sq. mile game world I'm fine with that. Red Dead Redemption was 26 square miles but what made it feel so huge was you couldn't drive cars through the countryside.

  5. I had no idea Just Cause 2 was so massive. That's amazing. I expected them to hold GTA V til the next gen, allowing them an even bigger city.