Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hotness of The Week!

The awesome continues, and we've got some excellent new features coming your way readers!  Stay tuned, and take a lookie-loo at some of the Hotness we've got in store for you!

New Releases

The fall release flood takes a break this week for some games that you've likely never heard of, and that we likely won't be playing....

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan
Bridge Constructor
Battle Stuff
Skiing Resort Simulator 2012
Marine Life Rescue

Wow, that's depressing.....


Check out KGB Radio Episode X!

Chris reviewed Snoopy's Street Fair for iOS. Here's a hint- he thinks it's awesome.

Rock will be bringing you a new KGB Top 5

We're also cooking up a brand new feature that should be coming soon, focused around great games that don't cost much!

           Rock can wait to try out Bridge Constructor

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  1. That's one hell of a lineup for releases. I'm going to play the shit out of Bridge Constructor. I heard the multiplayer is intense.

  2. Is Battle Stuff the actual name of a thing, or are you just an asshole?

  3. Aw man I'm super excited for Skiing Resort Simulator 2012! @Chris- That's the actual name of the game! Trust me, I was a little surprised to see that as well

  4. So, you guys want to build bridges to winter resorts instead of save the goddamned seals?

    You monsters.

  5. @Dan-Hell yes! In fact, just for that, I'm going to open up an exclusive bar in my ski resort sim. It'll be called " The Seal Club", naturally.