Sunday, November 6, 2011

KGB Radio Episode 7: Runnin' Down A Dream

Join Rock, Pat, Chris, Zack and a mystery guest as we discuss GTA V, Origin, Silicon Knights, and announce the winner of our Modern Warfare 3 contest!  Was it you?  Listen to find out!  Boom!

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Four Loko- Get your dick wet!

Congratulations to our MW3 contest winner!

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Burning Question For Answer: So Hot!

What is your worst PC gaming experience, from a technical standpoint?  Answer in the comments!

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          Rock wishes life was more like detective noir novels....
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  1. That one is easy it's Crisis my friend bought it and gave it to me after two days cause he couldn't get it to run I was able to after a week worth of tweaking and upgrading and thanks for liking my forum name it's also my gamer tag albeit with a space between the two words.

  2. i had so much fun recording this one. can't wait to listen!

  3. yeah this one was pretty damn good, if i do say so myself

  4. Call of Duty United Offensive (2004) was the first expansion pack to Call of Duty on the PC. It was developed by Grey Matter. The people that did Return to Castle Wolfenstein. That was the first Call of Duty game that introduced vehicles.

  5. The Transformers game for my Commodore 64 would always crash at the title screen. This was during the time when the Transformers were my religion. I never looked at life the same way again..

  6. The Saint's Row 2 PC port comes to mind. What a broken, unplayable piece of shit!

  7. Also, any chance we could get an iTunes feed? That's my usual means of Podcast digest.

  8. Pat's one and only job for the site right now is to get it up on yeah. He's a slacker.

  9. @ Dan- there are a few technical hurdles we're trying to overcome right now, but we're definitely working on it