Sunday, November 13, 2011

KGB Radio Episode 8: Hey, How Ya Doin'?

Join Rock, Zack, Chris, Pat and a late-joining Humor Tumor as we talk about Skyrim, Rock's adventures at Best Buy, and a whole metric ton of other awesome nonsense.


Chris has a new favorite song


Rock has a new favorite game:


Chris's new character that he created, but didn't know has existed for over thirty years..

Blacula vonts to suck your dick!

Don't forget that we're still running our L.A. Noire contest, where a couple people will win a sweet-ass L.A. Noire poster. Just comment below that you want to join the L.A. Noire contest and we'll handle the rest.

Burning Question For Answer: So Hot!

What is a game that you have bonded with family over? Answer in the comments!

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        Rock is beginning to believe that nobody likes L.A. Noire...

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  1. WRONG! We sell it here :) haha

  2. dammit! i must have misunderstood something you said....

  3. My brother and I use to fight over The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Only had one game boy at the time... I'd consider that bonding.

    Oh hey, Chris. How you doing?!

    I want the Star Wars mug!!!

  4. TURbo here

    MW3 sold 6.5 million units in US and UK first day alone. US and UK made up 75% of COD sales. So it could be as high as 9 million first day worldwide.

    Call of Duty has only been a super series since COD 4 and a mega super series since MW2. It's baffling how successful it is, and how well they've done gaining a larger audience.

    When Star Wars MMO bombs hard, CEO John Ricitello is going to resign or get fired.

  5. I like how you said "when" the Star Wars MMO bombs, and not "if"!

  6. it really is only a question of "when"

  7. man! not a lot of faith in the Star Wars MMO. not that i can blame anyone. MMOs that follow the WoW model tend to not do very well, and most end up rejiggering their model to go F2P. But TOR has cost EA so much, it's hard to see them recouping such a high cost

  8. EA being doing odd things the past couple years on acquisitions. Playfish that has some online microtransactions? I'll buy it for $360 million dollars. Let's buy PopCap. The people that made Peggle, Plants Vs. Zombies for $500 million dollars.

    See what happens to Star Wars the first month after release.

    Call of Duty United Offensive introduced vehicles for multiplayer so it was trying to be like a Battlefield 1942.

  9. EA did release that one MMO Warhammer Age of Reckoning in 2008, that had an excellent first month of release. Way better than World of Warcraft, but it didn't grow. First month in October they had 800,000 subscribers and by December they only had 300,000 subscribers. Lost more than half of their base in 2 months.

  10. To answer the burning question, the only bonding experience was actually very recent, but some backstory is going to be necessary.

    My dad is old. He was born in 1940 in Burbank, CA, a Los Angeles suburb near Hollywood. Late 1940s & 1950s L.A. were his stomping grounds and he remembers it fondly. He became a professor of philosophy and taught that for forty years before retiring to become a professional historian of none other than 1920s-1950s L.A. When he drives through L.A., he sees none of the modern desolation that has descended upon that city. Instead, he still sees bright trolley cars clanging their bells down the street and dudes who wear fedoras and three-piece suits while Duesenbergs and Hudsons grumble down the street in jet-black finishes.

    Basically, my dad still imagines an L.A. Noire world. So, having played the game extensively, I nervously asked him if he wanted to see a video game I owned last time he visited. He begrudgingly agreed and as soon as the game loaded and the city opened up on my television, any hint of skepticism evaporated. We looked at as many cars as possible and he drove me around the city on memory alone. We wandered through the lobby of Union Station and even got up to the rail yards. We scoped out the Hall of Records and tried to get into the Roosevelt Hotel, but couldn't. While it isn't an exact replica of the city (we tried to find his aunt's house, to no avail), it was pretty damned good, enough for an old man to nearly be brought to tears by it, as if he were looking out a younger pair of his own eyes at the city he once saw so clearly and now only sees in nostalgic visits to the city. If I had any complaints about the game (which were very few), they lost any validity because of the game's ability to make my dad experience something he never thought he'd get a chance to do again.

    Oh, and I'm interested in an L.A. Noire poster.

  11. D. Bethel, that's an amazing story! We'll definitely put you into the contest for a poster! Competition is pretty slow right now, so I'd say your chances are good!

  12. Wow, that was a great story...

  13. @Anon- Warhammer was definitely interesting, and brought some great ideas to MMOs, but they also had some pretty nasty issues. Namely, sever class imbalance, features that were promised but excluded from the initial release, and a PvP system that was amazing in tier 1, but quickly became less and less interesting as you ascended the tiers