Sunday, November 20, 2011

KGB Radio Episode 9: Dragons Happened

This week, join Rock, Chris, Pat, Zack, Humor Tumor, and special guest Jones as we discuss Next Gen consoles, Good Old Games, Skyrim, and arrogant-ass iOS developers.  Brace yourself for a mansplosion!


Get a one-two punch of Adam Marcey with his Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 reviews!

KGB Top 5: Favorite Opening Sequences

Captain Clearance comes back!

  Congratulations to contest winners D. Bethel and AGTurbo!  They each just won an L.A. Noire poster!

This is not the poster

Burning Question For Answer: So Hot!

What is your favorite spinoff of a popular series? Answer in the comments!

Do you have a question you'd like us to read on the show?  If so, write us at


    Rock is glad he isn't the only one 
    who thinks Mario is for babies...

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  1. Portal which is a spinoff of the awesome Half-Life series

  2. there was some contention as to whether or not portal was a spinoff... i for one believe it is.

  3. Skyrim sold 3.4 million copies first 2 days, being the 2nd fastest selling game of the year outpacing Battlefield 3. It is project to sell 7 million units and earn over $450 million under Betheseda projections. It's not including future revenues from animal armor DLC.


    Eisenhower wasn't president until 1952 for the loser who answered Eisenhower.