Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hotness of the Week!

Well everyone, we're getting ready for our holiday break, but don't think that means that we're resting on our asses!  Check out some of the icy hotness we've got in store for you!

New Releases

Well, really the only noteworthy games out this week are Star Wars: The Old Republic and Trine 2.  Here's hoping that Zack can resist the urge!


Oldest first!  Rock's feature, Price Dropasaurus! Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is live, and damn does he love that game!

Chris did a followup to his Snoopy's Street Fair review, with Pro-Tips: Snoopy's Street Fair for iOS.

Chris also gives us a new Nostalgia Dirigible, this time centered around Christmas Commercials

Our newest contributor, Dan Smith gives us a look at Space Station 13 in his newest article for us!

Lastly, Episode 13 of KGB Radio is now live!  Check it out as we sit down with internet sensation, the amazing D. Bethel!

We're taking a week long break after Christmas, and rather than have a dead site for a week, we've got something pretty excellent going on instead!  All week after Christmas, every day we'll be posting our contributors' personal Game of the Year articles!  Be sure to check back to see what our personal picks are!

And finally, as we announced earlier in the week, we are pleased to announce that we are now on iTunes!  Just search for us by "KGB Radio" or "Known Griefers".

   Rock can't wait for Chris to see his present!

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