Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KGB Game of the Year 2011: Rock

As Dan Smith so perfectly stated in his GOTY article, there was a metric ass load of games all fighting for our money this year, which makes it insanely difficult to choose only one as your absolute favorite.  I really agonized a lot over this decision: do I choose the game that showed me a beautifully dirty and futuristic world?  What about the one really great shooter of the year (boom!)? In the end, I think I'll have to surprise no one and choose The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as my 2011 Game of the Year.

Skyrim wowed me from the start. It's striking visuals and huge open world pulled my in like a lover. But, you know, one that I couldn't sex up proper-like. What?  Anyway,  Skyrim throws everything at you.  Almost every conceivable combination of weapons and skills is yours to use, and the number of unlockable abilities is ginormous! It truly seems as though I will never be bored in this world, as the sheer multitude of quests is just dizzying. Oh, and you can kill dragons. Lot's of them...



Rock wishes to live in Skyrim, but, you know, without the cold.   
Or the dragons.....


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim, much to my surprise.

  2. Why did it surprise you that you liked it, Dan?

  3. I only played about 25 hours of Oblivion. I liked it, but it is not optimized to run on Vista.

    I got Skyrim for my sister, and she's been enjoying it very much. I've played about 15 hours of Skyrim and I enjoy it a a lot more. All the dungeons and caves having different layouts that isn't copy and paste level design keeps the experience fresh.

    I would place Skyrim in the Top 3 Games I've played this year. Along with Human Revolution and Revelations.

  4. Skyrim is my game of the year despite the fact every time I play it i feel my xbox is going to freeze and die

  5. It's pretty much fantastic! Just the sheer breadth of options available to the player is astonishing!

  6. I was a humongous fan of Morrowind, so Oblivion really bummed me out. It felt shallow and empty in comparison. That isn't to say it didn't have anything redeeming, but I'd characterize my time with Oblivion as "lacking".

    So, when Skyrim showed up, and returned some of my favorite things from Morrowind, I was pleased as punch. Most people praise Skyrim for things like the subtle, off-chance storytelling you find and all the little, hidden things, but these were staples of Morrowind.

    Although, my nostalgia goggles tell me that it's still not as great as Morrowind was. Skyrim was great, though.

  7. I played Daggerfall back in the day, never really got into Morrowind, and loved the shit out of Oblivion, though it definitely was a flawed game.

    When Skyrim was officially announced, I really wasn't very excited about it, and actually didn't decide to buy it until the day it released. That said, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I think that they've improved on Oblivion in every way, and the world that they've created is truly an astonishing place!

  8. I agree on every account, Rock.

    I wish I could encourage you to go back and play Morrowind, but it'd take a better man than me to look past some game conventions that haven't seen the light of day in over a decade.

    That said, for about three years after release, that game pretty much defined games for me. If I could go back and re-play any game in some kind of crazy mind-wiping vacuum, it would be Morrowind.