Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pro-Tips: Snoopy's Street Fair for iOS

We here at KGB have noticed a lot of people coming in to check out my review of Snoopy's Street Fair, led in by Google keyword searches related to some in-game activities. In order to help these Snoopy-fans out, Chris has put together some Pro-Tips for inquiring minds.

For the past month or so, I've been regularly playing Snoopy's Street Fair. Long after I reviewed it, I still find myself checking my fair regularly, in the morning, while snacking, on bathroom breaks, and in bed at night. My fair has expanded slowly but steadily, as I've still yet to put any actual money into it. If you're like me, and want your fair to be the best it can be, I've got you covered with all the info you'll need.

Just this past week, Beeline pushed out a major update for SSF, which turned the usually green grass and blue skies into a winter wonderland. All of the character models got bundled up in their traditional winter wear, and a few other changes were included in the Christmas update.

Christmastime is here
- You can now decorate Charlie Brown's house for Christmas. In order to open the menu of seasonal items, all you need to do is tap on Charlie Brown's house, and a mini-menu will pop up in the bottom right hand corner. Be warned however, that all of the XMas decorations cost Snoopy Bucks, which are hard to come by. Unless you buy them with real money.

- You can now decorate a Christmas Tree on your block. Be prepared to spend some Snoopy Bucks in order to decorate your tree.The tree costs 20 Snoopy Bucks.

- All items purchased for the new update will be yours, and Beeline will be rolling out more decorations for Charlie Brown's house and tree in future seasonal updates.

A winter wonderland.

- One of the few free items included in the update is Snoopy's Santa costume. In order to dress Snoopy up like Old Saint Nick, simply tap the chimney decoration on Charlie Brown's front lawn.

- The old "jump in the leaf pile" mechanic has been replaced with "jump in the snow pile." It works exactly the same way, just tap the snow piles to jump in them. If Snoopy is in his Santa suit, he will not jump in the piles, but rather will pack the snow into snowballs and throw them at the children!

- The price of some items has been reduced, such as Peppermint Patty's Balloon Stand.

- Adding booths and stands to your fair now has a "building time" indicated by a construction sign on the menu. A Woodstock Bird crew builds any new stands you add to the fair, usually lasting somewhere between 10-45mins to complete.

- Some people have been confused by the "Collect Cotton Candy" activity that needs to be completed. In order to compete the activity, all you need to do is collect your coins from the cotton candy stand 8 times. Cotton Candy stands can be purchased in the regular stall menu, and you collect coins after every interval, usually every 6 hours.

- For those wondering about baseball cards, and how to earn them, this is directly from a Beeline Employee:  
" ..the trading cards for set one come from specific stalls. IE: the Lucy card comes from Lucy's stall, the Woodstock card comes from Woodstock's stall. If you do not have these stalls then you can trade for them with players who do.Set 2 and set 3 are not tied to any specific stall, the Snoopy set comes from Snoopy and set 2 comes from any manned stall regardless of the character manning it. Hope this helps."

So there you go, all you need to know.

Hope this helped all of you. Snoopy's Street Fair is a great game, and Beeline put a lot of work into it, and they continue to do so. If you have any further questions about the game why not head on over to Beeline's official forums? Also, some crazy person made a full table of how to quickly accumulate coins and XP.

Christopher Linendoll will kick that football, someday. He can be reached via Twitter, or found in the hummus section of your local grocery store.


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    1. Ha, thanks Turbo. We're going to try to do more coverage of iOS games, as they seem to pull in a lot of traffic.

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