Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Confirmed: November 20, 2012

HumorTumor shares his thoughts on today's surprise announcement from Capcom.

So it's been confirmed. Resident Evil 6 is coming this year...and it looks...far more actiony than ever. Not that that is a terrible thing, for all we know Capcom merely showed these bits to get the more casual fans to take notice.

But what I saw as definite details. Leon and Chris are confirmed playable characters, along with a third as of yet unnamed protaganist. Leon's arc seems to take place in a midwestern town overtaken by the T-virus (shades of RE2). Chris seems to be confronted with a seemingly new virus, or possibly what I had hoped would happen; the las plagas and T-virus make a baby, it also takes place in an Asian influenced setting. And the third protaganist seems to be in some part of Eastern Europe. But he seems to be dealing with an enemy who seems like a replacement for Nemesis T-Type.

The action is ramped up, but it needs to be it seems. Hordes of enemies are there, making the action faster but far more intense, and from a glimpse I can tell you can now move and shoot. During one part of the trailer, Chris takes cover, only to be snatched up by a pissed off BOW (Bio-Organic Weapon) with a stretchy arm (hints of the Bandersnatch from Code Veronica). Better yet, zombies are back baby.

The pure speculation though, is the third protaganists partner. She looks oddly like Ashley from RE4. But she could also be a grown up Sherry Birkins (daughter of William Birkin, who discovered the G-Virus). Now given we are merely given portions of the plot, that's a whole lot of speculation, but that's not to say some hints at the complete game aren't there.

I'm just hoping that the game isn't balls out action, the pacing of the first 3 is superb. And as the series veered more towards action it lost that pacing. I'm also hoping that this game does something out of the ordinary for the franchise, kill of some of the main cast. It's not because I dislike Chris and Leon, it's because a game where you know everyone will live isn't tense.

Kill off Ada
Kill off Leon
Kill of Chris or hell even Barry or Jill or Carlos

Make the characters seem less like gods in their world, and like people who are dwindling in numbers losing friends and hope. Make it a desperate struggle to survive with sacrifice.

But Capcom, if you so much as bring back Wesker...I will kick this box of puppies into a river.

You have been warned

 Humor Tumor is scared, both scared and hopeful


  1. To be frank, I think Resident Evil is kind of ass now.

    I loved the old survival horror games for their cheesy attitudes and delightful puzzles, and I enjoyed RE4 for the game it was (but hated it for being effectively being the death of a series I enjoyed), but RE5 was bleh to the power of blah, in my opinion.

    Also, I have to reiterate, that logo is the best worst logo design in history. Does Japan not have giraffes OR oral sex?

    1. I really enjoyed RE1-3, and I never played any others but 5, which was intensely frustrating. So it's hard for me to get excited about another RE game...

  2. I'm always cautiously optimistic. I think this entry they are setting out to appeal to the varied tastes that they drew in. Will it work? No idea. But the game already appears far more fluid than 5, which in 2009 standards was quite archaic in design.

    Will Resi 6 be good? I have no doubt it will, but I also doubt it will bring back the Resident Evil I knew and loved.