Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rumor: Resident Evil 6 be released...THIS YEAR?!

So for a couple years it's been a fact that Resident Evil 6 was in at least a conceptual stage. Jun Takeuchi, the producer and man in charge of RE5, said himself that RE6 was in the works. And that he would have nothing to do with it. Rightly so, because RE5 is a shit pile for a Resident Evil title. But according to some leaks and rumors....Resident Evil 6 is getting announced today. The extra kicker is it's getting released this November.
According to IGN, there are recent rumors and pictures that confirm that RE6 is not only well into development. But seemingly set to release this year. Personally I found this odd, as RE5 was announced in 2005, and was finally released in 2009. The current in joke amongst series fans is that with RE6 being a even numbered will probably get scrapped a restarted (aka the RE2, RE4 treatment).

The details given is that Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy (my two least favorite in the franchise) are returning in this title. Not only that, but in an interwoven story, which sounds alot like how Revelations is telling it's narrative.

Ada Wong is rumored to be in it too.....but she's a bitch and no one cares.

More info states the game is supposed to play alot like RE4 and RE5. Which is no surprise really. As that seems to be the current template that sells really well. But apparently the game is trying to find a balance between horror and action. And given Revelation is doing just that, I think Revelation was a template of design to test if it works, as well as seeing how newer fans like that change of pace. And given the praise given to the first true RE game on 3DS (currently sitting at a 84 on metacritic), RE6 might shape up to be one of the better titles in the series.

The true question is though, is 3 Resident Evil titles in one year overkill? With Revelations and Operation Raccoon city out in the next couple months; and with RE6 rumored to be out in it too much?

I'm hoping not. But then again, this is a rumor. And given that a similar thing was done last year during TGS, with a mock poster and trailer to boot; take all this info with a grain of salt.

According to the sources that leaked the info, more details are to be dropped at 2PM Pacific Standard time. And knowing me, I'll be there to see what happens.

A link to the IGN article

Humor Tumor's loins are tingling with excitement
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  1. Aw, I enjoy playing RE5 cooperatively.

  2. That logo looks exactly like a woman performing oral sex on a giraffe.

    1. Yes it's very obscure... I wonder how that will work out for them... Wonder if there will be any confusion about that....

    2. haha you guys just have dirty minds!

    3. Did you mean to use the word "obscure"? My mind refuses to accept that that's the proper usage.