Friday, February 17, 2012

Amalur Adventures: Hands on With Kingdoms of Amalur- Part 1

Rock has spent about a week getting through the starting areas of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and he's here to share his tales of adventure! Read on for Part 1 in the series!

FAIR WARNING! HERE BE SPOILERS! Because of the nature of this article series, it's pretty much impossible to completely avoid spoilers. So while I try my best to stay away from big story beats, be warned that there are a few mild spoilers ahead.

This thing brought me back to life...I guess...

I'm dead.  It's an interesting way to start a game, being dead.  That's usually how games end (before I reload my save).  I watch as the gnomes carting my corpse go down a checklist, asking questions about my character.  Thus is my character created (he's quite dashing!), by choosing features from a list that would seem right at home in almost any other RPG from the last five years. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not particularly inspiring, either.  I chose from a list of four races, being Human, Bigger Human, Elf, and Smaller Elf.

Sir Rockmotron. Ooo so handsome!

My character, the daring "RockMoTron" stumbles from atop a pile of dead guys, quite surprised to find that he's alive,  and atop a pile of dead guys!  How he came to be newly re-alived will be revealed soon, though.  So begins my jaunt through the first dungeon, which really does a great job of introducing me to many of the game's mechanics.  Combat, magic, equipment, stealth, and many other things are explained in a very simple, easy to understand way.  I point this out because many RPGs fail quite hard in this area, so while the introductory bits felt like they were teaching me my ABCs, it's nice to see that a person totally inexperienced with RPGs should have a pretty easy time getting started with this game.

Bet you never would have guessed this was a gnome....

I soon learn that I am the first successful attempt by a group of gnomes to reanimate the dead.As luck would have it, I've come back from the great beyond just in time to witness the gnomes getting their asses royally kicked by an evil race called the Tuatha Deohn.  Or, Dark Elves, as I like to call them.  I fight my way to the leader of this de-deadifying project, Professor Hugues, who acts as a diversion and sends me on my way to meet his buddy, Agarth, who is something called a Fateweaver.  I came to a fight against a giant troll, which acts as my first introduction to Fateshift attacks, which are basically a cool-as-hell-looking QTE that wrecks bitches good. Once the troll was thoroughly de-alived,  I was finally outside!

Look at this fucking guy!

The game world looks vibrant, with bright colors and light blooms aplenty, though everything looks a bit generic so far.  I run around for a bit until I encounter Agarth, who might feature one of the most interesting and ridiculous costumes I've ever seen! Apparently Fateweavers are supposed to be able to see the futures of people, but there's a bit of a problem: Agarth can't see my future.  So he sends me off in search of a friend of his who might be able to help.  This trip conveniently takes me through a sleepy little village of which seems to have a bandit problem.  With that, I get ready, because bandits need killing, and I'm more than happy to do it!


That concludes Part 1, stick around for Part 2, where I'll dig deep into some adventurous action and join up with a group of (hopefully) noble warriors!

Rock is ready to find some kingdoms...or Amalur...or The Reckoning..

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