Monday, February 13, 2012

KGB Radio Episode 20: Kickstarted!

Join Rock, Chris, Humor Tumor, Pat, and returning guest D. Bethel as we talk about DoTA 2, Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign, and more!  In the second segment, Rock tests his comrades with another quiz!


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Rock's old PC.

Do it! Do it now!

Here are links to some things mentioned on the show

KGB Top 5: Bizarre Skyrim Mods
Nice Chat With a Nice Guy: An Interview with Hollander Cooper of GamesRadar
Double Fine Says "Screw Publishers! Let's Do This!"

Burning Question For Answer: So Hot!

What is one franchise that you are blindly/slavishly devoted to? Answer in the comments!

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Rock really likes Blade Runner, you guys...


  1. This is perhaps our funniest recording session, but unfortunately it all relied on a visual joke. Which is hard to do in a podcast. Shut up, we're still learning.

    1. Well, we're working on a greatest hits episode, so maybe we can put some of that stuff in there, with explanation. No promises. This was a hell of a lot of fun to record though! Zack missed a hell of a show.

    2. Your editing of this show was masterful. Slow clap for you, sir. I have no idea how you seamlessly trimmed that huge chunk of ridiculousness.

    3. Thank you, thank you!. *Takes a bow*. It was by far the toughest editing job, but even two days later, I almost pissed my pants laughing at it!

    4. Rock, it was your laugh that pushed me into hysterics. Those few minutes were magical.

  2. I am super devoted to Grand Theft Auto. I didn't particularly like GTA IV, but I still put a ton of time into the game because I felt that I had to.
    Great job on the podcasts, by the way.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for checking us out, John!

    2. No problem! I'm really digging the camaraderie of the site and podcast.

  3. Besides WWE, I'll always check out the EA Sports NHL series, and Spider-Man games. I'm a sucker for licensed crap.