Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KGB Radio Episode 21: Let's Get Sober!

Join Rock, Chris, Pat, and returning guest D. Bethel as we share our turning 21 stories and much more!

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Not pictured: homely barfly

Here are links to some things mentioned on the show

Price Dropasaurus: Bulletstorm
Nostalgia Dirigible: Forgotten Handhelds
Amalur Adventures: Hands on With Kingdoms of Amalur- Part 1

Burning Question For Answer: So Hot!
What game do you most regret not finishing?   Answer in the comments!

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Rock would also like to hear your turning 21 stories!



  1. I also regret not finishing any Mario game, ever. Actually, no I don't.

  2. Gears of War 2

    Ended up watching a full play at a friend's house while we were all drunk on new year's eve.

    Oh well, at lease I know what happened to Kai.

    1. I played all the way through Gears 2 and have no idea who Kai is. I'm guessing he/she wasn't that memorable.

    2. I really feel bad about not having played through any of the Gears series. I played a bit of the first one in co-op, but only a couple hours. I really should get to those....

  3. Man, I am sorry about the randomized mouseclicks in the background. Lesson learned: no comicking during podcasting.

    I thought of another game I regret not finishing: Psychonauts. I got to the final stage, but for some reason never saw it through (I think it's because I got an Xbox 360 and never looked back).

  4. I probably regret not finishing Far Cry 2 the most. I loved the first Far Cry, but I just couldn't get into the Africa setting. Plus, I always had to walk like ten miles because I kept wrecking my cars.

    1. I've always been intrigued by FarCry's survivalist style. The idea of setting broken bones is also pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I have a bad case of FPS-fatigue.

    2. Far Cry 2 definitely did a lot of things right, and I really had a lot of fun going through it, but some thing, like constantly getting run off the road, were intensely annoying.

    3. The FPS-fatigue can definitely make Far Cry very tiring because it truly is more by-the-numbers than it is unique.