Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KGB Top 5: Bizarre Skyrim Mods

In order to keep things in order, here is a list, in order, of absolutely head-scratching PC mods to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, made to order by friend of the site, D. Bethel.

Though I'm a devoted console gamer, with the rise of cross-platform releases I do admit that I've often become more than a little jealous of the modding possibilities that exist for games on the PC.  The earliest mod I remember seeing was for the original Wolfenstein 3D which swapped out the things you shoot bullets at with Street Fighter II characters.

With the firm hold The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim has on many gamers right now, mods are, as expected, a growing population.  Many mods are simply trying to improve the gam'es textures or post-processing perfomance, but with every light comes a shadow, and collected below are the five most batshit-crazy mods I could find.

NOTE: all mods are hosted at SkyrimNexus.

5. My Little Dragons (by zdzichorowerzysta)

It’s safe to say that My Little Pony had a hipstertacular comeback last year, and I guess it made sense for the bronyverse to infiltrate everybody’s favorite new RPG.  A popular, horse texture-swapping My Little Pony mod made the rounds on the internet, but the My Little Dragons mod pushes the idea into brilliant - and frightening - new territory.

4. Autotuned Bears (by Snoopey)

There isn’t enough that could be said about the brilliance of Skryim’s sound design.  The game, for instance, has trained me to draw my SuperDeath bow whenever I hear the howl of wolves, because I know that in mere moments I will be descended upon by at least two of those bastards. For all the sublimity that the sound design reaches, this mod tears it down in a hilarious way.  Remember this, no matter how stupid bears sound, they are still very dangerous.  Do not approach and do not leave “pic-a-nic” baskets unattended.

3. No Spiders (by Luthien Anarion)

Being an arachnophobe (but loving the thrill of murdering a huge fucking spider), I can appreciate where this mod is coming from.  However, replacing spiders with bears - bears which descend from the ceiling, no less - I can only believe this mod will give younger players trying to deal with one phobia a completely different and even more irrational fear.  And if you don’t believe spiders are dangerous, just go to Google’s image search and type in “brown recluse bite.”  I saw it four years ago and I’m still crying.

2. Trolling Trolol Troll (by Tytanis)

Submitted without comment.

1. Macho Dragons (by FancyPantz)

I will admit, I put this in first place only for Mr. Linendoll.  Similar to the My Little Dragons mod, this replaces all dragons in Skyrim with Macho Man Randy Savage...of a sort.  Like the previous entry, just watch the video and wonder how someone even got this idea to begin with.  For the most part, I just wanted this to give Chris nightmares for the rest of his life:


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  1. This was so awesome! Thanks for this, Dan! Macho Man is definitely my favorite, closely followed by the auto-tuned bears!

    1. I agree with Rock. Man Man favorite then auto-tuned bears. This was great!

    2. Macho Man* hahahahaha. You knew what I was trying to type...

  2. The spider-bears are fucking terrifying