Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amalur Adventures: Hands on With Kingdoms of Amalur- Part 2

Bandits died, Rock leveled up and found some sweet-ass gear, and many helpless citizens were...helped. Along the way, Rock has a revelation.  Read on for details!

FAIR WARNING! HERE BE SPOILERS! Because of the nature of this article series, it's pretty much impossible to completely avoid spoilers. So while I try my best to stay away from big story beats, be warned that there are a few mild spoilers ahead.

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When we last parted, I'd just come to the tiny little hamlet of Gorhart, which was having a bit of a problem with bandits, among other things.  My first act of business was to collect some sweet gear that magically appeared in a chest because I'd played the demo.  Once I'd donned my super awesome and loot-progression-breaking armor, I was ready to take on some bandits!  And stuff!

The totally awesome-but-loot-progression-breaking Shepard's Set. Pretty cool, right?

Holy side quests!  I think that just about everybody in Gorhart needs me to do something for them. And there are only three buildings in this village!  Four if you count a church built into the side of a hill.  This village is seemingly filled to the brim with hapless victims,  with most of the side quests being a bit on the boring side.  Now, there are a few interesting quests, like the guy who wants me to kill a couple of bandit leaders so he can make amends for deserting the same bandits, or the lady who wants me to help her topple the walls of sexism surrounding the church. I must also point out that, while few of the quests are very exciting, the game does an excellent job of telling me where I need to go, whith quest objectives clearly marked on my map.

The world continues to impress with scenes of natural beauty like this....

Maybe now is a good time to talk a bit about how I usually play RPGs, which might explain why I'm feeling a bit bored.  Usually, when I come to a new area, I first go through and wipe out all of the side quests I can, completely avoiding missions that are involved with the main storyline.  This way, I can be sure that  I'm nice and leveled and decked out in the finest gear available before proceeding with the main story.  This usually works beautifully, largely due to the fact that the RPGs I usually play ( Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls series, etc) tend to have side quest stories that are in large part pretty interesting.  This means that if the game is doing its job well,  tackling the side quests provides about as much fun as the main story quests, and sometimes more. This method is really killing Amalur for me, though, mostly because the side quests aren't that great, and I've done very little with the main plot so far.  This method is leading to some serious fatigue.

..and scenes of another form of pretty altogether

While it may not sound like it,  it's not all bad, though.  The combat remains fast-paced and exciting, and it really makes you feel like a badass. I've chosen to mostly focus on the Might skill tree, with a few points into finesse, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what some of the higher level abilities are!  I guess I didn't mean for this to turn into "RPG Theory", but I'm glad it did, since it's given me a renewed focus on the story.  So stick around, boys and girls, as I continue my adventures through Amalur!

Man are you going to get it!


Rock sometimes wishes he didn't love RPGs so much...

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