Thursday, April 5, 2012

KGB at PAX East: Join the Shenanigans!

If you're planning on heading to Beantown this weekend for PAX East, keep an eye out for us! Rock, Chris, Zack, and Pat will all be at the big show, and we're gonna be providing lots of content from the show floor.

KGB Radio: LIVE!
Each night of the show, KGB Radio will come to you fresh from the exhibition hall. We'll be recording quick and dirty podcasts with our impressions of what we've seen and what we're looking forward to the next day. We're going to try our best to have some special guests, so keep an eye on iTunes!

KGB Surveillance
We're bringing along a video camera, too. So expect some silly travel videos, and possibly a guerrilla style KGB Surveillance. We're going to be playing some videogames in our hotel room, and it's possible money may become involved.

Cosplay Appreciation
Girls in skimpy clothing!

We'll be doing our damndest to snag interviews with interesting people from throughout the industry.

If you happen to spy us on the show floor, please come over and say hi! We're pretty friendly dudes, and also fairly good-looking if I don't say so myself. Anyway, we look forward to bringing you the silliest coverage of PAX possible!

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