Monday, April 30, 2012

KGB Radio Episode 28: Everybody Loves the Scatman

Join us as Rock, Chris, Pat and Zack as we talk about Prey 2, DayZ,  Rayman: Legends and the WiiU, Call of Duty in the future, and more! Also, we talk about the great Mr. Scatman John, a lot.

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Pat's L4D video with 200,00+ views on YouTube


So...not cancelled?

Best thing to do with this? Put in on Wii...?

Don't forget about our Resident Evil: Revelations Contest!

 Here are links to some things mentioned on the show

 "GODDAMN IT!" Trials Evolution Review
 DayZ: The Zombie Game You Damn Kids Keep Asking For
 Dragon's Dogma: Hands-On First Impressions
 Hey Guys, Nintendo Just Lost a Lot of Money.

Burning Question For Answer: So Hot! 
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Rock very much wants to more zombie action


  1. Relevant!

  2. Note: ArmA 2 is very resource intensive on your PC. It will rape your shit, hard.

  3. I think that next week's question should be "What video game series or genre do you love even though you should be ashamed of it?"

  4. Another possible question for next week: Who will buy a WiiU first: Pat or Zack?