Monday, May 14, 2012

KGB Radio Episode 29: I'm Pooping!

Rock, Chris, D. Bethel, and a late-joining Humor Tumor get together for some awesome.  We discuss The Elder Scrolls Online, Mass Effect 3, EA Indie Bundle, DayZ, I Am Alive, pooping, and much more.  Deep conversation about MMOs ensues. Again. Sorry.

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Now with 400,00 fewer strangers!

Oh hey look! It's 90% of  all MMOs ever!

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Here are links to some things mentioned on the show

KGB Nostalgia Dirigible: Avengers Assemble!   

KGB Classic Top 5: Lightsabers Duels of the Star Wars Saga

DayZ : A Survival Guide for the ArmA II Zombie Mod

KGB Top 5: Great Premise, Bad Game

Parallel Paths: How Nintendo, Marvel Comics, and the WWE Lost Their Audience. And How They're Winning Them Back.

Burning Question For Answer: So Hot! 

What is a series or genre that you love even though you should be ashamed of it? Answer in the comments!

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Rock wonders how many more MMOs will add to the skull pile at WoW's doorstep...


  1. I was right, the AvP game I was thinking of was made by Capcom.

  2. Lego Games. I love them so much, but they are kinda dumb.

    1. The Lego games follow a pretty simple formula, but it's super easy to get pulled in. I still kind of like the Star Wars and Batman Lego games.

    2. I really liked Lego Pirates. I played that way too much.

  3. I feel like my answer is pretty obvious.

  4. I also enjoyed ATV Offroad Fury on the Ps2. That game had an awesome soundtrack, and my dad and I played the shit out of it.