Thursday, May 24, 2012

KGB Top 5: Games We'd like to See at E3 2012

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, is on its way in just a few days. That means oodles of tasty, tasty game announcements and reveals! What surprises await us this year? Will anything blow us away? Are there even any games coming out this year anymore? Here are our Top 5 picks for what games we  want to see more of at the industry's biggest trade show.

5. Final Fantasy XV

I'm not talking about Final Fantasy Versus 13, Type-O, or any of that nonsense. And I'm certainly not talking about another horrific MMO like Final Fantasy 14. I'm talking about an honest to goodness Final Fantasy 15.  I don't even know if such a thing exists but I assume that it does. Because, for better or worse, Final Fantasy will always be around, like taxes, cockroaches, and Raptor Jesus.

He loves you
Looking back, the Final Fantasy franchise has been getting more and more convoluted, what with spinoffs, prequels, sequels, and even sequels to spinoffs. Spinquels? I'm glad to see that Square has been trying new things, but I'd be lying if I said that I preferred any of it over their more traditional outings.  I absolutely loved Final Fantasy 10 and 12, and I'd really love to see something like that announced as the next entry in the series at E3.

4. Whatever Tango Gameworks is Making

Started by the legendary Shinji Mikami in 2010, and acquired by ZeniMax Media later that same year, very little is known about the first game from Tango Gameworks. Codenamed "Zwei", the project is said to be a survival horror game, naturally.  And that's pretty much all we know at this point! It's difficult to imagine a studio led by Mikami cranking out a bad game, and survival horror is his natural habitat, so I'm pretty damn excited to see if  any more information comes out this year!

3. Grand Theft Auto V

We've written before about we want to see out of GTA V. Since then, all we've seen is a reveal trailer. Rockstar has gone completely radio silent on the next open-world murder simulator, instead choosing to focus on the promotion of Max Payne 3. Now that Max has released, it's prime time for Rockstar to spill the beans. And what tasty tasty beans they must be.

As we've seen, GTA V is set to take place in San Andreas, a California analogue that was also the setting of uh...Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Hopefully they call this GTA V: San Andreas II because that's so dumb it just might work. The Pacific setting provides ample opportunity for settings far different than the strictly urban setting of GTA IV. And while I enjoyed GTA IV, especially the expansions, I found myself getting burned out on the sameness of it all by the time I finished Ballad of Gay Tony.

GTA V will no doubt feature wide open countryside, lush beaches, and snow covered mountainous areas. If Red Dead Redemption has proven anything, it's that Rockstar really knows how to push this current generation to its limits in graphics and AI routines. I'm looking forward to seeing how the lessons learned from GTA IV, RDR, and LA Noire all come together into this new adventure in San Andreas. There's just one problem, Rockstar doesn't typically attend E3. Damn.

2. Batman: Arkham World

I'll be the first to admit that this is a long shot at best. The Arkham series seems to have a pretty good relationship with SpikeTV and the VGAs, given that Arkham City was debuted on the 2009 award show. And just this past year, Joker himself appeared in a CG video to accept an award for some stupid ass thing I can't be bothered to look up. But, wait a minute--! What's that Joker has in his hand--?! ARKHAM WORLD?!! WHAT?!

Yeah, I know, it was a bit of a joke. But that's exactly what they'd want you to think, isn't it? After all, those madmen at Rocksteady went so far as to include the in-game map to Arkham City INSIDE a secret room in the original Arkham Asylum. That shit is bananas, Ms. Stefani. What if this was all a clever ploy to announce Arkham World, but not actually announce it at the same time? OR DID I JUST INCEPT YOU?

1. Inception

Speaking of Inception (thanks for the unintentional setup, Chris!), remember when Christopher Nolan said that he wanted to make a game set in the same incredible world as his robbed-at-the-Oscars movie (fuck you King's Speech!)?  Well we do. And we're just dying to see what such a game would look like. Will you be able to play different "classes", like Architect or Forger?  Will players actually be able to design dream worlds?  Will we be given huge, multi-stage missions similar to what's in the film? These are the questions that we hope to see answered.

Give us more!

Now we know that some of you are probably thinking, that Christopher Nolan doesn't know anything about video games, and we'd agree with you.  But really all Nolan has to do is find a developer/publisher who's interested.  From there, all Nolan has to do is provide oversight as far as tone and setting, and let the professionals concern themselves with actually making the game. This would be incredible!

How about you? What are some games you'd like to see at this year's E3? Tell us in the comments.

Rock and Chris are ready for the Exposition of Electronic Entertainment to entertain them, electronically.



  1. Personalty, I can't wait to see ArmA 3. I'm as hard as diamonds for that game.

    1. Ooo that's a good one! It'll be really interesting to see if it makes an appearance and what they'll show.

  2. I'm also interested to see how THQ responds to the shitshow that was the WWE 12 online experience.

    Also excited for the re-unveiling of the WiiU.

  3. As long as we're talking about things that haven't even been announced, how about Half-Life 3?