Thursday, July 5, 2012

KGB Radio Episode 34: Technology!

Join Rock, Chris, Dan Smith, and D. Bethel as we discuss L.A. Noire, Dan Smith's standing offer to fist fight Curt Schilling, the new Mass Effect 3 endings, and much more!




This will make sense

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Rock wonders if we'll ever get that Mass Effect discussion back...



  1. Wow, my LHC joke turned out to be quite timely. I think the server actually crashed because my boring-ass droning put the internet to sleep. Sorry about that.

    1. I, for the life of me, can't figure out what LHC stands for.

    2. Haha! Yeah joke definitely got me. LHC is Large Hadron Collider

  2. Curt Schilling wasn't fat when he was a pro pitcher, but it was sad seeing him on stage E3 2011 talking about Amalur, and he was way fatter than my dad.

    Tip for fighting Curt Schilling is go for the ankle since that is his weakspot.

    About to listen to the cast. L.A. Noire for me was my most disappointing game of 2011. I love the setting, style, and music for L.A. Noire, but for me it fell short in the gameplay. The interrogation system was a bit broken, and playing through a 2nd time with a guide to get all the 5 star achievements there was no way I would ever play a case that specific. While it was an open world, the open world was not as well utilized to its advantage. Doing collectibles for the game, there was a lot of detailed landmarks and areas. I would have never access during the story unless I did the collectibles. Gameplay wise it was foot chase, car chase, collect clues, interrogate, shoot guns, and fist fight. In that regard L.A. Noire reminded me of Assassins' Creed 1.

    On the 5 to 6 podcasts I've listened to where people discussed the Mass Effect 3 ending, the people with a background and literature and English considered the original ending excellent more so than the people who don't read a lot. I disliked the original ending, but I don't care much for the extended endings.

    1. Definitely agree with you, Turbo. I love the setting, and the evidence collection is a lot of fun, but the interrogation segments are definitely becoming my least favorite parts of the game.

    2. Due to Rockstar's development cycle it will be a while until the next L.A. Noire, but under the Houser Bros. control, it can come to fruition like Assassins Creed 1 to 2. What was nice about LA Noire was how different it was from most of the other videogames.

      My dad watched me play through most of LA Noire, and thought it didn't do enough where you could be a mean brutal cop but still get the job done. Like Russell Crowe's character in LA Confidential. The part as Jack Kelso using the adding machine to get coordinates to the undevelopment lot was stupid. My dad thought that was one of the lamest puzzles in the game.