Thursday, July 26, 2012

New WWE '13 Trailer: A Million Percent!

Today, THQ and Yuke's released the debut trailer for WWE '13. This is the fifteenth annual release in the series formerly known as SmackDown! The new trailer shows off some changes from the previous entry, of which you can find my review here. As the biggest (only) wrestling fan at KGB, it's fallen upon me to keep you guys up to date with this stuff.

WWE '13 looks to be almost exactly like WWE '12, which was positioned as a "revolution" for the series. Unfortunately, that didn't really pan out perfectly. While the newly animated systems and moves in WWE '12 looked great, quite a bit of old material is still buried in there. Major stars, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, move like dead-eyed robots, and the commentary was sometimes stiff and wooden. And, perhaps most damning of all, the online functionality was completely busted. Like, so bad. It's still nearly unplayable.

WWE '13 will see the usual changes in window dressing such as updated costumes, rosters, and ring entrances. THQ is also pushing its "WWE LIVE" feature set, which seems to mean that they turned up the volume on ambient noise, and have put great pains into expanding the commentary. Also, major focus will be put into the "Attitude Era" of stars, meaning Mankind, DX, and several other classic WWE characters will be in the game.

We will continue to bring you more coverage of WWE '13 as it becomes available. If THQ and Yuke's can focus on tightening up the missteps from last year, this one could be headed towards the Hall of Fame.

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