Friday, August 10, 2012

Fallout: New Vegas- Adventures Through the Western Wasteland Part 2

Rock's back with more tales of heroism in the desert wasteland of Fallout New Vegas. Has he gotten revenge for his attempted murder? Has he solved the mystery of his missing parcel? Read on to find out!

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Well, that certainly didn't take long.

Having heard that someone in the town of Novac might have some information about the fiend who shot me, I headed straight there. However, before I'd made it even ten minutes into my journey, I was ambushed by assassins in the employ of the cowardly slavers of Caesar's Legion. As it turns out, the devils in charge of the Legion are none too pleased with my exploits Nipton; they want revenge. I guess I can assume that I'll have more run ins with these creeps as time goes on. They're pretty feisty, but I'm ready for them!

Who was surprised by this? Not I...

Upon reaching Novac, I'm quite pleased to find a nice, quiet town.  Centered around a hotel and run by Jeannie May Crawford, Novac seems a pleasant enough place, all things considered.  Jeannie kindly informs me that one of the town's snipers, Manny Vargas, knows the jerk who shot me and stole my package.  Manny known the guy, named Benny, but he won't tell me anything about his whereabouts until I do him a favor. Naturally. As a hero, I'm pretty sure I'm obligated to help Manny out, even though I bet I could find Benny on my own if I wanted. I also bump into the robot who dug me up outside Goodsprings. His name is Victor, and he's super friendly, but I have no idea why he's here in Novac...

Novac. Not pictured- some dill hole who thinks it's OK to sell a dude's wife into slavery.

So what is it that Manny wants me to do? Well it seems that some ghouls have taken up residence at the nearby RobCo rocket test site, REPCONN. This has made everyone in town pretty nervous, understandably.  How can I, being the proverbial knight in shining armor, not sign up to purge the foul minions of hell from the area? Once I make it to REPCONN, though, I discover that things aren't what they seem. Ghouls have moved in, but they're actually pretty friendly.  Still pretty hellish, but friendly. You see, they're really little more than a nice little cult led by a glowing ghoul named Jason Bright.  Jason's been having visions of a "sacred place" where he and his followers will be able to live out their lives in peace.  They intend to use the rockets stored at REPCONN to get there. After I've cleared out a nasty infestation of Nightkin and found some missing rocket components, Jason and his friends are on their way to their "sacred place". I hope they make it there OK...With the ghouls out of the picture, Manny informs me that Benny and his friends were on their way to Boulder City and that I should head there. Naturally, I refuse any further payment. Pretty sure I'm about to sprout some angel wings.

Rock, Savior Of the Wasteland. Boone and ED-E are bein' all cool, not looking at the camera.

Before I head out once again, I speak to the town's other sniper, Craig Boone.  It seems that the villainous Caesar's Legion kidnapped Boone's wife, and worse, he believes that someone in town sold her out to the slavers!  Boone wants me to find the culprit, walk them to the front in the giant Dinky the Dino statue while wearing a beret, and Boone will handle the rest.  After some sleuthing, I find the fiend who sold Boone's wife into slavery, and more. I also discover that Boone's wife was pregnant, something that I assume Boone didn't know.  I convince the well-paid wretch to take a walk with me and before I know it, his/her head is exploding in front of me in a sudden shower of brains and eyeballs. Satisfied, Boone resolves to spend the rest of his life making Caesar's Legion miserable for the presumed death of his wife.  Since I'm not really a big fan of the Legion, and they effing hate me, I suggest that Boone should tag along with me, that our combined strength will put the hurt on the cruel slavers even harder. Watch thy backs, foul heathens! Vengeance comes for you!!!

Farewell, strangely pleasant cult guys...


Rock fights for the innocent! Or the less guilty, at least...

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