Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fallout: New Vegas- Adventures Through the Western Wasteland Part 3

And the bodies of the evil doers continue to pile up! Let no fiend stand in the way of Rock's righteous wrath! Read on for more adventure and daring-do as Rock continues his trek across to New Vegas wasteland.

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I've made it to Boulder City and, damn! I know this is the post apocalypse and all, but this city is practically leveled.  As should be expected, there's trouble in town. It seems that the gang Benny was running with is called the Great Khans, and they've gone and taken a bunch of NCR hostages in the Boulder City Ruins. Hoo boy, better straighten my halo and get to work quick, because the Great Khans are going to start executing their hostages and the NCR rescue team plans on going in guns blazing.

Boulder City! Bring the kids! They'll love the...oh wait.

Talking my way into the Great Khans' camp, I soon discover that things aren't quite what they seem. According to Jessup, the leader of this little band of rogues, Benny offered to pay them once they'd reached Vegas.  As crooks are wont to do, Benny fled in the middle of the night and refused to pay the Khans, leaving them stranded. Predictably, Jessup's not happy, and he gladly tells me that I can find Benny at the Tops Casino. Jessup felt as though he didn't really have any choice but to take hostages.  After all, the man still wants to live...Being the smooth-talking savior of the Wasteland that I am, I'm sure I can find a way for things to turn out alright.  I strike a nice deal with Jessup- he lets the hostages go, and I'll convince the NCR rescue team to let the Khans walk away, no harm no foul.  After a bit of convincing and some greased palms, everything works out. The NCR hostages are returned to their buddies and the Khans are free to go on their way, both factions liking me just a bit more.

Hey it's the beach! Don't go for a swim or your skin will fall off...

Now, I know where the heinous criminal Benny is, but I'm not ready to seek out my righteous revenge just yet. Plus, a new location called Camp Forlorn Hope just popped up on my map. If there's ever been a place that sounded like it needed help, it's Camp Forlorn Hope. It may as well have been called "Assistance Neededville" or "Help Wantedberg" or even "Someone Please Save Us From This Gods Forsaken Hellcapeton". These people definitely sounded like they could use the help of a certain angelic do-gooder, so off I went!

Camp Forlorn Hope- Come for the relative safety, stay...because you've got no choice.

Well the name certainly wasn't deceiving! This place is damn depressing! Forlorn Hope is an NCR camp, set up after the inhabitants of Camp Nelson were pushed out by the vicious and cowardly Caesar's Legion. These villainous vermin continue to terrorize the kind  folk of the wasteland, and it is my sworn duty to stop them! But first, I must tend to those in need at Forlorn Hope. There certainly are a lot of them. I make my way to the doctor's tent, and I find that he's really got his hands full. As a combat medic, he's not really trained to help these people.  While my Medicine skill isn't great, it's still good enough to help out. I'm sure that one guy won't mind too much that I had to remove one of his legs, right? I'm sure he'll thank me later. I did the best I could... After doing like I do and solving just about everybody's problems, there was one last thing that needed doing- head to Nelson and drive out the bullying filth of Caesar's Legion. Nothing can be done but to make things right, to return the people of Nelson to their homes.

Oooo. That'll buff out, right?
I set out with my usual partners of courageous Boone and kind (I'm assuming he's kind, anyway) ED-E. We're accompanied by a small group of NCR soldiers as well.  Unexpectedly, Boone stops to have a word with me. Remember back when Boone joined up with me because of his vendetta against the Legion? Well he's informed me that no matter what I do or say, he intends to purge Nelson of the fiends. I've yet to encounter a group more wretched and cruel than Caesar's Legion, so this sits just fine with me, naturally.  The knaves struggle to put up even the smallest fight against our righteous fury and before long, Nelson is clear and its people free to return home.

This camp... is clean.

It's not always easy being the good guy. A lot of situations could have been solved more easily by just putting a bullet in someone's head. But that's not the way. Only the unjust, the cruel, the wicked deserve death. More good guy badassery to come!

Ehhh... what?

Rock is getting a bit tired of Caesar's Legion. He hopes the mission to wipe them off the map comes soon...


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