Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just Cause 2 Goes Full Retard: Plus, a Bonus AGTurbo Says

Things are getting out of hand in the PC version of Just Cause 2. A new mod is turning the game into an absolute insane asylum. Check out the wild video, plus a bonus installment of AGTurbo Says!

Just Cause 2, the wildly immersive, free-for-all open world game, is currently testing a multiplayer mod that is absolutely bananas. The game was released in 2010, but the new mod was only unveiled a mere 6 weeks ago. Since then, there have been 4 public tests of the madness, and you can find some highlights of that in the video below.

AGTurbo Says

While Just Cause 2 is a stupid fun game on the surface, Avalanche Studios seems to give their thoughts about United States foreign policy, portraying it as a reckless powerful force that doesn't fully think their actions through.

First off, let me just say Just Cause 2 sports a ridiculously large map. It is over 400 square miles, larger than Singapore, which is a paltry 271 square miles. It's a blend of Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, and Indonesia. It's a rich country with mountains, forests, and deserts.

The Agency sent Rico Rodriguez to Panau to overthrow the dictator Baby Panay. At the beginning of the game, the dictator Baby Panay made gambling and other vices illegal in Panau. Panay also throws people in jail without a trial, no freedom of the press and other dictator-ish stuff. Due to his policies, three rival factions grow in popularity: the Reapers, the Roaches, and the Ular Boys.

The Reapers are an extreme Communist nationalist group that will kill anyone that stands in the way of their political ambitions.

The Roaches are an organized crime group that specializes in drug running. Like the Reapers, they would kill anyone that got in their way.

Last of all is the Ular Boys, which is an extreme religious military faction that seeks to wipe out those that occupied the land of their ancestors.

All of them are as big of assholes if not more assholey than the dictator you are trying to overthrow.

To gain the Reapers trust, Rico kills an innocent reporter that had dirt on the Roaches crimes.
Rico undermines Baby Panay's regime by causing chaos. He does this by destroying infrastructure such as: fuel pumps, generators, fuel stations, fuel tanks, radio towers, radar, oil pipelines, water towers, windmills, fuel silos, gas stations, cranes, and oil rigs. If Rico destroyed every single thing of infastructure that made it possible for millions to live on Panau. There is no power for electricity because the generators, windmills, and transformers are destroyed. It is hard to travel since all the oil containers have been destroyed. The docks can't import because the electrical grid is destroyed and there is no functional cranes. The poor people that live in rural areas water towers are destroyed. Now they don't have clean water. With all the radio towers destroyed, it makes telecommunication in Panau close to impossible. With all this chaos there will be a three way faction war for of Panau that would be way worse than if Baby Panay ruled.

In the end, Rico Rodriguez discovers the purpose of why he was sent to Panau. It was because of oil, and Baby Panay wasn't selling any to the United States. Rico, after learning this, positioned one of the missiles aimed toward the United States to a large oil rig, blowing it up. He tells himself he did so in order to spite the bureaucrats in the Agency, and feels like a hero doing so. When actually he destroyed one of the last bits of natural wealth and infastructure Panau had left.

Thanks, Obama.

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