Monday, September 17, 2012

PopCap Handing Out Free Games for Halloween

In what might be the most awesomest Halloween deal ever, PopCap has announced they are giving away thousands of copies of Plants v. Zombies for free this Halloween. In cooperation with the American Dental Association, PvZ is sponsoring "Stop Zombie Mouth", a campaign aimed at replacing some candy in kids' bags with addictive puzzle games.

As a father myself, I now know what kind of terror can be unleashed on Halloween, and the week after. As a kid, I loved the guarantee of free candy, along with the toilet paper and shaving cream shenanigans around the neighborhood. Now, I have to spend Halloween night pulling out the razor baldes and roofies from my daughter's candy bag.

"Stop Zombie Mouth" has set-up a website here, where you can find printable coupons with codes for free PC downloads of PvZ from October 30th until November 10th 2012. Be the cool guy in your neighborhood this year, and give the gift of games. Or be super cool, and handout 5 dollar bills AND Plants vs. Zombie codes. And invite me over.

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  1. Looking at actuary data, it is more likely that your family would be the ones doing the roofies and razor blades than strangers.