Thursday, January 3, 2013

KGB Radio Episode 47: Game of the Year Spectacular!

Join Rock, Pat, and friend of the site D. Bethel as we go through the highs and lows of gaming this year. Game of the Year, as well as some other awards get handed out. 




Behold, your destroyer! RAWR!

What are your top games from 2012? We want to know. Answer in the comments.

Rock is super glad those Mayans were wrong about Jesus coming back or whatever


  1. My Top Games of 2012

    1. Max Payne 3
    2. XCOM Enemy Unknown
    3. Sleeping Dogs
    4. Far Cry 3
    5. Spec Ops: The Line
    6. Borderlands 2
    7. Sniper Elite V2
    8. Assassins Creed III
    9. Need For Speed Most Wanted

    Best reboot - XCOM Enemy Unknown 18 year gap between UFO Defense (US name) Enemy Unknown (Europe)

    Most suprising game - Sleeping Dogs Swap developers an publishers and still came out as a great game

    Best open world game - Far Cry 3. Sense of freedom is great. Better than ACIII

    Best FPS - Far Cry 3

    Good trend - Different developer studios doing a great job with working with establish properties Halo 4, XCOM, Spec Ops The Line, Max Payne 3

    Third Person Shooter- Spec Ops The Line

    Best marketing campaign of 2012 - Assassins Creed III

    Most disappointing game of 2012 - Assassins Creed III. I liked the story, setting, music, and characters but as a game it was not as refined as the previous 3 main installments. They had a great marketing campaign that showed a lot of cool features, like dual tomahawks, going through buildings which was only for a chasebreaker, climbing trees and cliffs were neat but didn't add much to a game as a whole. I would compare this to LA Noire for least favorite thing was the gameplay.

    Runner Up Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012. Wasn't better than the original. Not that enjoyable of an open world racing game compared to Burnout Paradise. It was a step back.

    I didn't like the Mass Effect 3 ending but the game as itself was mechanically sound. Agreed with the podcast that you shouldn't have been able to choose an ending, but by the weight of your previous decisions, it lead up to a specific outcome.

    Best Budget Title of 2012 - Sniper Elite V2

    Made by Rebellion Studios, which made bad games like NeverDead and Rogue Warrior, but a fun 3rd person sniper game. The bullets go into slow mo when they hit their targets. It will go into X-Ray vision where chunks of skull, eyeballs falling out, bullet to the heart, liver or lungs depending on where the bullet hits. If you are lucky you can shoot a Nazi in the testicles where you see the testicles explode in slow mo, and the vas defernes being shredded.

    Best game of 2012 I have yet to play so far yet I owned - Dishonored

    Best games of 2011 I didn't play until 2012

    1. Driver San Francisco
    2. Saints Row 3
    3. Ace Combat Assault Horizon
    4. Bulletstorm
    5. You Don't Know Jack

  2. Games looking forward to 2013?

    GTA V
    Earth Defense Force 2025
    South Park Stick of Truth

    The Next COD game.
    The Next big budget EA FPS that will compete with COD Probably BF4
    The Next Forza game
    The Next Need For Speed game to compete against Forza
    The Next Football game that will compete against last years football game

  3. I'm really looking forward to the new Splinter Cell game. I loved Conviction, even though most people hated it. I don't think that they can go wrong by adding Assassin Creed elements to Splinter Cell.

    1. I got about 3/4 of the way through Conviction and the stealth got too much for me.