Tuesday, February 12, 2013

KGB Interview: Pro Wrestler Player Uno

As you may have noticed, Chris is totally into wrestling. And what could possibly be better than a wrestler whose gimmick is based on videogames? Nothing! Exactly! Take a gander at our chat with Player Uno, of the Tag Team Champion Super Smash Brothers.

Hey Uno, thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Q. First off, can you give us some background on Player Uno? How did he come about, and are you surprised he’s garnered such a following?

Player Uno came from a brainstorming session with El Generico. Before I debuted, I was looking for a character that fit who I was, and El Generico told me he wanted to be a generic character. One of his name ideas was to be a CAW from WWF Attitude called Player One. He let me run with the name and I've twisted it a bit into a broader video game character. I'm absolutely surprised that I've garnered a following. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Heck, it's still surprising I'm doing interviews!

Q. You’ve been working with your tag-team partner Player Dos for a long time now. How did you guys meet? Do you hang out a lot outside of the ring?

Dos went through the same wrestling school I did, except he came in a few years after me. We really hit it off when he started training and eventually realized we had great chemistry. We always hang out outside the ring. We go see movies, play videogames and shop comic books almost every week.

Q. You’ve based a lot of Player Uno’s persona around the NES and SNES. Are those the consoles you’ve most enjoyed, or did you choose them simply because they’re so iconic?

I enjoy both of the systems, no doubt, but I chose them as they were more iconic. Retro gaming is nostalgic and cool, in a way, so it was more obvious then let's say, being a GameCube kid. Wider audience. They are both among my favorite systems though, along with N64 and Dreamcast.

Q. How heavily invested are you into more recent games? Is it difficult to balance real life, videogames, and wrestling?

I try to pick any game I'm interested in. Most recent one I picked up was Dead Space 3. And it's very difficult! I lose all my weekend from wrestling, add in planning a wedding, playing video games, working, making episodes of TheNerdSlam... you come to realize you don't have that much free time, and that it's precious.

Q. You’ve recently started up a YouTube show called 4-Play, in which you and some friends play classic multiplayer games. So far you’ve featured Mario Kart, Twisted Metal, and others. Did you guys play games like this before the show? Do you miss the old days of local multiplayer?

I've been talking about doing a show like this for years. In a way, it was taking what we were already doing, and turning it into something productive. We always hang out to play games, but now it gives us an extra incentive to play. As for local multiplayers, I miss them so much. There aren't very many these days. Co-op especially. Why can't I invite Dos over to play Dead Space? Why is it necessary that I play only with him to do it? I almost feel like gaming has become lazier throughout the years. It's unfortunate.

Q. In addition to 4-Play, you’ve also got Stu’s Kitchen, a cooking show with Player Dos. Did you always know he was such a cooking enthusiast? Have you picked up some tips from him along the way? I imagine it’s difficult to eat well while on the road.

Player Dos is actually a trained cook. That's what he went to school for, so it was a perfect fit. He used to make desserts in a 5 star hotel. My cooking is pretty abysmal, but by following his instructions, I find myself making more and more things. As for eating on the road, it's the worst. I always attempt to eat well, but being stuck in airports or cars in the middle of the night only leaves you so many options.

Player Uno with the tag title.

Q. You’re quite active on social media. What inspired your use of YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit to connect with fans? Do you feel it’s important for guys to “get themselves over” using the Internet?

I don't think it's necessary to get yourself over using the Internet, but I'm a fan of social networking. I think what makes me stand out isn't my wrestling ability, it's that I'm relate-able in a sense. I won't lie, I've been especially more active now as a way to promote my YouTube channel, but I've always been pretty active on all platforms.

Q. You’ve worked a lot with some of the biggest names in independent wrestling, including recently-signed-to-WWE El Generico. Who are some of your favorite guys to work with? Have you ever asked to specifically NOT work with someone?

Young Bucks, Kevin Steen and El Generico are people I love to watch wrestle and people I love to wrestle. It's nearly impossible to have a bad match with them. Heck, name me one bad Generico match? Exactly. I've never declined working with someone, nor ever made a request not to wrestle someone. I feel I can implement myself into any style, and I take any match as a new challenge.

Q. What can we look forward to in 2013 from Player Uno, and the Super Smash Bros?

Hopefully oversea bookings, more high caliber matches and more wrestling in general. Also, more TheNerdSlam videos. That one is a guarantee. 

Q. And finally, our usual last question, what’s your favorite game of all time?

Man, this answer changes all the time. Even my top 10 games is hard to decide. I think I'll have to say Super Mario 64. I've played it more then any other game (outside of No Mercy 64) and it was what really skyrocket my love for video games. Ask me tomorrow though, and that answer might change!

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