Monday, June 9, 2014

Assassins Creed Unity Reveals Story-Based Cooperative Play

Ubisoft has revealed new information about Assassins Creed Unity during the Microsoft Presser at E3 2014.

Unity is set in France during the French Revolution, but that is not the truly important news. What's important is the fact that Assassins Creed Unity will feature four-player cooperative play during the campaign. The gameplay demo showed off four players controlling different assassins in an effort to infiltrate a castle and murder some aristocrat. 

The demo ended with a fancy example of Unity's graphical capability when the French villain was beheaded by the peasants. 

Assassins Creed had been reaching a point of lower returns until Black Flag was released last year. I do think that the co-op in Unity looks fantastic, and I can't wait for the French Revolution setting. Hopefully, Unity fulfills the promise. 

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