Monday, June 9, 2014

Battlefield Hardline Shows off Bank Robbing During E3

Battlefield Hardline was leaked a few weeks ago, but none of the information was confirmed until EA's E3 press conference on Monday afternoon.

EA showed off Hardline during the conference and showcased some of the team-based bank robbing. The gameplay footage showed a team of robbers trying to escape with their loot while another team of police and swat chased them down.

The trailer showed a variety of vehicles and weapons, including a Louisville Slugger that could be used on enemies. Additionally,  players in the demo made use of Parachutes and zip-lines while escaping the police.

Battlefield Hardline is now available in beta for the Playstation 4.


The trailer looked pretty great. I had a lot of fun with Battlefield 4 (when it was working), so I could definitely get behind some Cops and Robbers in the style of Battlefield. 

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