IT CAME FROM THE ARCHIVES! Here is where you'll find old features that may have fallen off the main page, but are no doubt destined to become classics. 


KGB Interview: Pro Wrestler Player Uno

KGB Interview: Justin McElroy of Polygon

KGB Interview: Hugh Sterbakov of City Under the Moon, Robot Chicken...

KGB Interview: Patrick Klepek of GiantBomb.com

Nice Chat with a Nice Guy: Hollander Cooper of GamesRadar.com

A REAL Known Griefer: Killer Karrit

KGB Interview: Dan Amrich of OneofSwords.com

KGB Surveillance

Halloween Mailbag Fun!

Slender: Part 2

Slender: Part 1

Samurai Zombie Nation

Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Ghosts 'N Goblins

Friday the 13th

Battlefield 3

Orcs Must Die!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



OH GOD WHY?!: Nintendo 64-palooza

OH GOD WHY?!: Halloween Atari 2600

OH GOD WHY?! Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

OH GOD WHY?! Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood

OH GOD WHY?! Fight Club

OH GOD WHY?! PenPen TriIceLon

OH GOD WHY?! Austin Powers Pinball


Top 5 Licensed Games We Wanna See Now

Top 5 Games that Terrified Us

Top 5 Disney Buys Star Wars

Top 5 Console Makeovers

Top 5: Great Premise, Bad Game

Top 5: Games We'd Like to See at E3 2012

Top 5: Dead Series We'd Live to See Revived 

Top 5: Our Favorite Easter Eggs

Top 5: Bizarre Skyrim Mods

Top 5: Lightsaber Duels of the Star Wars Saga 

Top 5: 12 Inches of Snow

Top 5: Christmasgasms

Top 5: Annoying Heroes

Top 5: Favorite Opening Sequences

Top V: Wild Speculation About GTA V

Top 5: Superhero Games

Top 5: Brutal Melee Combat

Top 5 Biggest Pains in the Ass: Classic Gaming

The Nostalgia Dirigible

Nostalgia Dirigible: Avengers Assemble!

Nostalgia Dirigible: Forgotten Handhelds

Santa Claus: Videogame Hero

Nostalgia Dirigible: Classic Christmas Commercials

Nostalgia Dirigible: Your Favorite Classic Nintendo Ads

The Nostalgia Dirigible: Retro Game Ads

The Nostalgia Dirigible: Old Game Commercials


The Zombie Games You Damn Kids Keep Asking For

A Survival Guide for DayZ

The Pit of Despair: Gaming Regrets

The Pit of Despair: Boiling Point (PC)

The Pit of Despair: TekWar

D. Bethel's Trials By Fire

Echoes in Hallways: South Park vs. Walking Dead

That Muddy Middle: I Am Alive vs. Warp

Playing the Player: DLC Quest vs. EvilQuest

War of the Worlds vs. Oozi Episode 2

Orcs Must Die!

Captain Clearance

Captain Clearance Looks at Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Captain Clearance Takes a Look at Red Dead Redemption

Of Savings. And Beer. And Fungus. Captain Clearance Reviews Darksiders

AGTurbo Says

State of the Industry - Giants into Midgets

Let's Play the Numbers Game

Just Cause 2 Goes Full Retard

EA Takes Chances

Call of Duty Sales Fall in UK

Call of Duty Sales Numbers

REmembering the Horror: A Resident Evil Retrospective

Remembering the Horror: Resident Evil Retrospective 1996-2000

Remembering the Horror: Resident Evil Retrospective Part 2

Price Dropasaurus

Price Dropasaurus: Dead Space 2

Price Dropasaurus: Bulletstorm

Price Dropasaurus: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Aliens, Lies, and Everything: The Colonial Marines Fiasco

Known Griefers Discusses the WarZ Situation

Today in Kickstarter: Code Hero Dev Takes the Money and Runs

How (Not) to Win Friends and Influence People: Indie Developer Pisses off Reddit

The Shame of it All: My Stack of Unplayed Games

Dead Men Tell No Tales: Reflections on Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

Modern Classics: Metro 2033

DOOM 64: An Overlooked Horror Gem

Tickets to NintendoLand: Looking on the Bright Side of E3

Parallel Paths: How Nintendo, Marvel Comics, and the WWE Lost Their Audience.
Unintended Horror: Crystal's Pony Tale

Unintended Horror: Beautiful Katamari

Memory Lane: Deathtrap Dungeon

Memory Lane: Earthworm Jim

Addiction: The Kelpix Story- A Look a World of Warcraft Addiction

I'm Not Dead Yet!: A Requiem for Future US

Modern Classics: STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

Lessons in Futility: Dark Souls

X-Com: UFO Defense

2011: A Spaceman Odyssey in Space Station 13

Dwarf Fortress- Losing is FUN!

What If Mario (Or this Author) Smoked Meth?

Final Fantasy VII is a Shitpile, or Not: VERSUS!

Awesome AND Cheap: Vanquish

The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed: A Look at Video Game Difficulty and Length

A Look Back at the Classics: Deus Ex