Friends of the Site

Here are some sites that we like, and we hope you like them too.

Eben07 is an action-comedy webcomic that follows the exploits of Eben07 and the Intelligence Cleaner Agency––a covert government operation that cleans up the destruction left behind by the world's top secret agents. Since starting in 2007, over 200 full-color pages have been released online telling individual tales as well as an over-arching epic consisting of conspiracy, espionage, and parody. Created by E. Burgoon and D. Bethel.

Geekenstein is a unique monster constructed with the sole intention of making online multimedia content fun again and a place for geeks to embrace our amazing and diverse culture. Its creation was at the hands of writers and artists with a variety of backgrounds from across the Internet. The goal is to make an entertaining and engaging site that could interact with the geek community through news, original content and social events.

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